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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Getting Started

Hello. . . Is There anybody out there?
As the title well suggests I am just getting started. (Better late than never). So here goes. . .
My name is Edward Holgren I drive truck Full time for a local Fruit grower/packing company. It pays the bills, I usually enjoy it but, it isn't what I do for a living.
If I were to land my dream job I would be making films and traveling the world to do so. I do have some equipment and some knowledge in this area to help me take steps in that direction and hopefully blogging will be another great tool to help put my dreams in reach...

As I say this is my first time so I hope I don't screw up!
Here is just a little piece of some of what we are doing. It seems to speak to finding ones own heart and desires and reaching for them but you be the judge and let it speak to you as it may

Right now I am excited to say that I am currently working with a friend of mine who just released a new music CD and I have just finished storyboarding the first video of the album and we begin shooting this spring. . . Holding auditions soon . . . I'll let you all Know


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