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Sunday, December 19, 2010

carol of bells

Monday, April 12, 2010

Girls Rule!

Now, back to what really matters. . .

After years of intensive study and rigorous debate experts have now confirmed that men and women are in fact different. . . (I wonder how much that cost)
The simple truth is Duh. . .
Now I could go on and explain the differences to you or regurgitate the findings of the afore mentioned study but I am afraid that if you do not already have somewhat of a grasp on this concept, well I believe you may be find yourself in trouble and constantly trying to explain your actions. Oh, and also trying to make sense out of those of the female gender.
Now don't get me wrong, of the two sexes, the fairer sex is by far my favorite. Just ask my wife, she'll tell you.
I live by a simple philosophy. I figured this out long ago.
 "If she is happy then I am happy"
Now if I have to explain this concept, you will never understand and  I am afraid you are forever hopeless. Now before I give to much away please watch.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Just Launched

So many changes and so much technology it is really hard to keep up sometimes. And just when you thought it was safe someone comes along and launches something new. Just because they can. . .
Well CSO Productions is no different. We proudly announce and would like to present to you the launch of the New Underground Video Radio Show!
Come check it out give us some feed back. . . Go ahead we can take it. Our feelings are not easily bruised.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Play Ball!

The smell of fresh cut grass, sun shining down upon the faces on a late spring morn, and the the words, "Play Ball!" are shouted out above the milling voices of the spectators. The hard cored ball, spun with fine thread, bound with leather is hurled with great velocity at the batter. As the tightly wrapped ball meets the tremendous swing of a thirty six-ounce hickory stick, the resounding "CRACK" can be heard well up into the upper deck. The crowd jumps to their feet. "And that ball is going. . . going. . . gone!" Yes a Major League Baseball game can certainly be fun and exciting. However, today as I went to pick up my eldest grand daughter from softball practice I was reminded of the time I was was an assistant coach on her very first T-ball team. Now as was then I am given a fresh appreciation for the game as well as wonderful treasures not found at any Major League stadium.
Throughout the extensive history of baseball the Majors have seen countless numbers of changes, from its humble beginnings way back in the 1800's, the gallantry and pageantry of a global multi million dollar money machine. Sometimes it seems the Major Leagues have become more concerned with the bottom line than the game itself. While money certainly is a factor in T-ball or girls softball, the money generated comes from parents, coaches as well as other contributors in the community. The money brought in by these hometown leagues affords things such as equipment and maintenance. Because in doing so, the kids are ensured a safe and fun place to play. After all, playing should be the main focus of the game.
Major Leaguers no doubt have practiced and honed their skills to achieve the status they now enjoy; indeed, a good team is a pleasure to watch play on a sunny afternoon, especially when the home team wins. However, having helped even just a little with development of a young person's skills, far out reaches the rewards of watching a big league team win a pennant race. Plus how knows, to make it to the big leagues, a player has to start somewhere. So, look out Major Leagues here comes the future.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Legend of Dogwood

A look into the past, so long ago, it was quite near the year one. . .
The Dogwood tree as we know it today was quite different so long ago.The Dogwood was a standing tall, proud specimen with the might and strength of a Grand Oak or perhaps that of a Black Walnut Tree.
It is said that the people of the day much preferred using the Dogwood for the construction of tables and workbenches.The beams used for the construction of stables, barns as well as the dwellings of the day made from the heartwood of the Dogwood were much sought after and were considered second to none.

The Dogwood however; through no fault of its own, also had a dark side. . .
One day during his travels Jesus was wandering through a forest. As he followed the meandering trail, taking in the grandeur he happened upon a lone majestic Dogwood tree. Jesus noticed that the grand giant was troubled. It appeared to Jesus that the dogwood was weeping.
Jesus, in his simple garb of the day knelt down on one knee at the base of the standing giant. Without a spoken word Jesus asked.
"What is it that troubles you my old friend?"
"Oh my Dear Lord." The Dogwood replied. "Please forgive me for I have been chosen for a task that I wished for not. . . nor would I wish it upon any of my brethren. I am so sorry, please forgive me."
"My Dear friend." Jesus said with a soft tender smile. "I am afraid that I cannot forgive you, for you have committed no sin, nor shall you ever."
"Lord, I am afraid that you do not understand." Said the Dogwood.
Jesus raised his hand and interrupted the standing giant.
"I understand all to well my old friend." He said softly.
"I wish no part of it." Said the Dogwood in despair.
Jesus understood greatly the Dogwoods despair and told him assuredly. "My dear friend, I would be honored and humbled to have the strength of your support when the time comes."
The Dogwood was only somewhat comforted. Sensing this, Jesus moved closer to the Dogwood, now kneeling on both knees. Jesus then reached out and placed his hand on the trunk of his dear friend. Then the Grandiose Tree shuddered. The tree quaked from its very tips and leaves, throughout its stout limbs, down its massive trunk to its very roots beneath the ground. A low rumble then rolled throughout the forest.
"Fear not my dear friend." Jesus said. "For from this day forward, none of the great Dogwoods children or grandchildren shall ever suffer the pain and anguish that you now feel."
Jesus stood and a tear fell from his cheek and landed upon an exposed root of the Dogwood Tree. Jesus smiled at his old friend, turned and walked away.
The Great Dogwoods children and grandchildren are now the lovely, delicate in size, twisted and gnarled limbed tree that we now enjoy to this day. Never again did the Dogwood have to carry such a burden.
And now. . . Every spring, around Easter the Dogwood blooms beautifully. Each blossom has four pedals that form the shape of a cross. . .In honor of the one who eased The Great Dogwoods pain.
Happy Easter!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Bad Nature

After months of speculation, rumor and conjecture our crack pot team of journalists, experts, scientists and know-it-alls have reveled the whole ugly truth of the wild kingdom gone wild. We have discovered and uncovered explicit evidence that shows the forces of nature as well as our dear little woodland creatures that we all love and adore are nothing more than ruthless merciless thugs who want nothing more than to see the human race vanish from the face of the earth.
We have in our possession evidence that show our furry and feathered friends have unionized, mobilized, and banded together despite there own differences, they have joined forces to rid this planet of "The One True Enemy". MAN!
If anyone is still unsure. . . let us now remove all doubt. . . they are out to get us!
These attacks use to seem infrequent and unorganized. We now know, unequivocally that the complete opposite is true. . . Take a look, the following photos show the results of many years of planning and an organized attack across the globe carried out with surgical precision.

First. Air Superiority. . . .
Then Control the seas. .
And Then Send in Heavy artillery
and finally ground troops
Mans best friend?
Or maybe they are just tired of the Paparazzi. . .

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Intangible Force

Throughout the history of mankind someone, somewhere at sometime has been trying to crush the Human Spirit. However history also shows us that the greater the oppression the greater the resolve and the stronger the foundation becomes. The light may dim and the flame may flicker a bit, but the Human Spirit can never be extinguished.

Simple things like desire, belief and curiosity are but a small part of the Human Spirit. It is within the Human Spirit where our talents, gifts, dreams, our goals and inspirations reside. Even if it is unknown to us at the time, it is our life's purpose.

The Human Spirit is the fundamental yet complex life force that can never be snuffed out. The Human Spirit endures our faults our joys as well as our memories.
Is the Human Spirit the Soul? The lines one might say, are blurred. Certainly The Human Spirit and the Soul occupy space within the same realm. But one and the same?. . . I do not know.
Albeit intangible, The Human Spirit is our essential nature and the sense of our own significance.The underlying strength of the Human Spirit is our basic instinct to survive, our will to survive.
And despite seemingly insurmountable odds the Human Spirit is what moves us and challenges us to achieve, even if it takes generations.
The Human Spirit Lives!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Road to Hell

"Judge me not by the results of my actions but on the intentions of my actions."
Actually I do not know if anyone has spoken those words out loud but it would appear as if those thoughts were a popular theme among many. Especially those who are in ownership of tremendous failure. It would seem that this train of thought is held dear by some in roles of leadership. However, "a leader cannot follow behind people, tail between his legs sniffing for their momentary whims and wishes, whining to follow them this way and that as they ramble through life. Those people are the most looking for a leader. They are looking for a master. . . and one will find them."
"A true leader forges a clear path through a moral wilderness so that people may see the way." He must find a correctly reasoned course to be a true leader of a free people.
The greatest harm can result from the best intentions.
OR as the old man used to tell me. . .
"The Road to Hell is Paved with good intentions."

Friday, March 19, 2010

Go Wild!!!

Tragedy struck Monday evening when a fire broke out at the Garden Terrace Assisted Living retirement apartments. One woman died as a result of her injuries suffered in the fire and another person died of an apparent heart attack due to the stress of the evacuation.

Tragedy as it was, I believe a major catastrophe was averted due to the quick thinking and heroic efforts of some young passers-by.

19 year old Mitch Torel, forward of the Wenatchee Wild Hockey team was driving home past the apartment building when he saw flames on the inside of one of the apartments. He called 911 and then ran into the building to pull the fire alarm.

"I ran up a couple of floors and started pounding on doors, trying to alert the residents." Torel said. " Some people needed help getting down the stairs because of their medical conditions and I tried to get them down the stairs as best I could."

Soon he said emergency crews arrived and helped the young man go door to door.

When he was asked if he was nervous he replied. "No not really, you don't have time to be nervous. I was just making sure everyone got out safe."

Mitch who is from Monticello Minnesota lives with Mike and Bets Harris of Wenatchee during The Wild Hockey season. His stay is also extended because The Wild made the Play-Offs.


It was also reported that a couple of young 14 year olds were passing by as well. Dahlton and his friend Dylan also called 911 when they saw the flames. They too made the heroic decision to go inside to help evacuate the residents.

"They were all just sitting there eating and the fire alarm was off." Dylann said. "They thought it was a fire drill or something. I said it was real and you guys need to get out."

As I said due to the heroic efforts of these unselfish young men a major catastrophe was averted.

It is so nice and refreshing to know that we have these kind of people in our community. Thank you gentlemen.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Who's gott a Tag?

I received a trunk load of photos the other day and quite frankly they are all worth sharing. . . And I'm sure everybody out there could come up with a great caption. . . So please study the photo and give us your best caption. this should be fun.
Tag? What Tag?
What do you think?

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Brads Big Buck

Brad Horst travels to Eastern Montana as part of the CSO Production Team and Drops a great Buck.


Thursday, March 11, 2010

Stimulating the Census

Just the other day I received a letter telling me that I would soon be receiving a Census form in the mail. Now my first reflexive response was, "Well how many millions of stimulus dollars did this cost"? Now we have all seen this kind of mindless wasteful spending before and we will continue to see it I'm sure. So as you might imagine, as the words were leaving my lips I realized that the answer to my question was completely irrelevant. Because if you have to ask, the cost is to high!
So I have more questions. . . Who's running this Census? Is it ACORN? Or the Organizer in Chief Himself? Is it the "Government"? There's a trustworthy lot. Whatever the answer, I now find myself with only two options concerning the Census. . . It is said by law that we must fill out the census to the best of our ability. OK good!
Here are the two options that I see. First, When I do receive my Census (delivered on the tax payers backs) I will deposit directly into the trash. Or, I will state how many people live at my house and in the Race question box, (which there are several choices) I will mark the other
box and in the space provided in big bold Capitol letters I will write AMERICAN. Then I will send it in.
has common sense become an obscure ancient theory or misunderstood philosophy rather than an everyday practice that helps us have a better day?

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

When Huntin was Huntin

Today, March 9th is my father-in-laws 86th Birthday. His name is Buck Bailey. Now with a name like that I'm sure these photos do not surprise anyone. At 81 he went out on opening morning with his pride and joy, His grandson Travis. It was just the two of them and from what I heard of the trip it was one of the most successful trips in their long hunting history.

Ole Bailey shot a nice buck that morning as well.
That morning had turned out to be Bucks last hunting trip as he doesn't get around like he once did. This trip was physically taxing on him (something that he only admitted to later).
Even though he no longer hunts, his stories are as vivid and clear as any HDTV out there. And. . . even though I have, we all have heard his stories a hundred times I have to believe they are all true. One because I was there for a few of them, and two the stories never alter, they are the same every time they are told.
Happy Birthday Mr. Bailey and here is to many more years of stories of when "Huntin was Huntin."

Monday, March 8, 2010

The OR with Edward Holgren

Not to long ago I released a video on my youtube channel. A pilot, if you will. I called it "The OR with Edward Holgren". It was a fresh new entertaing news program. The first show delt with the issue of "healthcare". Even with my exclusive interview with Sarah Palin I didn't receive as many views as I would have liked. . .
So anyway I am looking to find out if I should continue with "The OR" or scrape it for now.
What do you think of Sarah?

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Just Leaked! Climate Change. . . IS REAL

Just leaked. . . After years of intense study, the results of an ongoing secret investigation of the controversial question of "Climate Change", the results have been unofficially released!

The results of the afore mentioned study vary from region to region but it doesn't matter the event is nonetheless a true phenomenon.

Specifically in my home town region of the globe it has been documented for years, the effects and changes the planet has been going through.

OK Get ready for the most damning piece of news this study has revealed. They have broken down and named the the four distinct climate change events that we have suffered at our own hands for years.
They are:

Spring. . .

Summer. . .

Fall. .


Can you believe it? We are all doomed!!! But don't answer yet there is more!

Coming soon to a youtube channel near you the full report of this amazing tragedy will be exposed!

And please if you have any information about this wreckless abandoment of the human spirit please let us know!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

OptimumResponse Y T C

Well I was off on a slight tangent, now I'm back. Even though I am just getting started I don't like miss a day of posting even if it is only a quickie. OK back to the list. . . I'm going to jump down the list a little bit and talk about the "Coolest Hunt Ever" caught on video.

My ten Year old (at the time) Granddaughter embarks on here first mule deer hunt. You've never seen a father so proud. . .

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Make Something

Political Correctness is not my thing. . . I don't often engage in it except in a manner in which to show how absurd it all is. . .

To sum it up. . .

People who are busy trying hard not to make mistakes, seldom make anything else either

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Lead,Follow or get ot of the Way

His tone was sorrowful... "Because many people need to be ruled to thrive. In their selfishness and greed, they see free people as their oppressors. They wish to have a leader who will cut the taller plants so that the sun will reach them. . . They think no plant should be allowed to grow taller than the shortest, and in that way give light to all. They would rather be provided a guiding light, reguardless of the fuel, than light the candle themselves."
Zeddicus Z'ul Zorrander

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Last ones First

Last night I went to my very first Wenatchee Wild Hockey Game. It was alot of fun and we beat the Kenai River Brown Bears 4-2. The Wild are now in the playoffs and I think I will have to go to at least one more game.

OK let's start at the top. . .

#1) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R3IEvymZfJo

Travis and Sean Talk about the great buck Sean had just shot. This was actually very emotional for Sean because only days before he had lost his grandfather who he was very close too. So naturally that hunt was dedicated to him.

#2) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JNNMnxp8VqU
Sean's Wife Christy, earlier puts the hurt on a great buck of her own. A perfect 250 yard
shot "Girls Rule" Their six year old son had just recently bagged his first deer as well. . . So I guess the family that hunts together eats together

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Getting Started

Hello. . . Is There anybody out there?
As the title well suggests I am just getting started. (Better late than never). So here goes. . .
My name is Edward Holgren I drive truck Full time for a local Fruit grower/packing company. It pays the bills, I usually enjoy it but, it isn't what I do for a living.
If I were to land my dream job I would be making films and traveling the world to do so. I do have some equipment and some knowledge in this area to help me take steps in that direction and hopefully blogging will be another great tool to help put my dreams in reach...

As I say this is my first time so I hope I don't screw up!
Here is just a little piece of some of what we are doing. It seems to speak to finding ones own heart and desires and reaching for them but you be the judge and let it speak to you as it may

Right now I am excited to say that I am currently working with a friend of mine who just released a new music CD and I have just finished storyboarding the first video of the album and we begin shooting this spring. . . Holding auditions soon . . . I'll let you all Know