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Friday, September 23, 2011

Can Anyone Tell Me?

 Can anyone point to any socialist ruler, past or present, who participates in the same socialism that they impose on there people?
 Now I understand the liberal rank and file belief in the theory of of socialism. Yes in a perfect world all would be fair. No one would be left behind. No one would have more or less than anyone else. . .
 The problem is, is that it isn't a perfect world and Utopia does not exists. In a socialist society everyone is left behind except of course those who hold power... They Do Not Participate! They live lives of opulence the backs of those they rule. If they want to be a player on a global scale and take part in the global market place, well there is no room for socialism it is a capitalist system  like it or not.
  Realizing your dreams is hard work. No one is going to hand them to you. And no one will make you work harder than your dreams themselves.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Different Americans?

Very simply, either you are an American or you are not.We are not a nation of white-Americans, African-Americans,Mexican-Americans, Asian-Americans etc. . . We are the Nation of Americans. We are not Hyphenated!

Hyphenating us is not a method of lifting up any individual. It is nothing more than pure segregation. The so called "powers that be" or those who seek power are scared to death of us. That's us , We the People. They are scared of us being one, of being united. Separating us and labeling us as different kinds of Americans is an attempt to keep us from being united, so that we ill tear each other apart. Class warfare, gender warfare, race baiting, these are the things that "they" (those who claim to be seeking a socialist utopia) are trying to keep alive. To create chaos and unrest is the goal so that they can be at the ready to step in and save the day. . . To save us from ourselves.
 If we stand together our strength is undeniable and unstoppable. If they succeed in keeping us apart we are done as a people. . . We will become slaves.
 After the Convention a woman asked Ben Franklyn, "Sir wat have you given  us?" He replied. "A Republic ma'am, if you can keep it."
 That is our duty. That is just one of our responsibilities that we need to take in order to preserve our rights our freedom and our country