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Monday, April 12, 2010

Girls Rule!

Now, back to what really matters. . .

After years of intensive study and rigorous debate experts have now confirmed that men and women are in fact different. . . (I wonder how much that cost)
The simple truth is Duh. . .
Now I could go on and explain the differences to you or regurgitate the findings of the afore mentioned study but I am afraid that if you do not already have somewhat of a grasp on this concept, well I believe you may be find yourself in trouble and constantly trying to explain your actions. Oh, and also trying to make sense out of those of the female gender.
Now don't get me wrong, of the two sexes, the fairer sex is by far my favorite. Just ask my wife, she'll tell you.
I live by a simple philosophy. I figured this out long ago.
 "If she is happy then I am happy"
Now if I have to explain this concept, you will never understand and  I am afraid you are forever hopeless. Now before I give to much away please watch.


  1. Well its seems like its been a while since you last posted.
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