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Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Legend of Dogwood

A look into the past, so long ago, it was quite near the year one. . .
The Dogwood tree as we know it today was quite different so long ago.The Dogwood was a standing tall, proud specimen with the might and strength of a Grand Oak or perhaps that of a Black Walnut Tree.
It is said that the people of the day much preferred using the Dogwood for the construction of tables and workbenches.The beams used for the construction of stables, barns as well as the dwellings of the day made from the heartwood of the Dogwood were much sought after and were considered second to none.

The Dogwood however; through no fault of its own, also had a dark side. . .
One day during his travels Jesus was wandering through a forest. As he followed the meandering trail, taking in the grandeur he happened upon a lone majestic Dogwood tree. Jesus noticed that the grand giant was troubled. It appeared to Jesus that the dogwood was weeping.
Jesus, in his simple garb of the day knelt down on one knee at the base of the standing giant. Without a spoken word Jesus asked.
"What is it that troubles you my old friend?"
"Oh my Dear Lord." The Dogwood replied. "Please forgive me for I have been chosen for a task that I wished for not. . . nor would I wish it upon any of my brethren. I am so sorry, please forgive me."
"My Dear friend." Jesus said with a soft tender smile. "I am afraid that I cannot forgive you, for you have committed no sin, nor shall you ever."
"Lord, I am afraid that you do not understand." Said the Dogwood.
Jesus raised his hand and interrupted the standing giant.
"I understand all to well my old friend." He said softly.
"I wish no part of it." Said the Dogwood in despair.
Jesus understood greatly the Dogwoods despair and told him assuredly. "My dear friend, I would be honored and humbled to have the strength of your support when the time comes."
The Dogwood was only somewhat comforted. Sensing this, Jesus moved closer to the Dogwood, now kneeling on both knees. Jesus then reached out and placed his hand on the trunk of his dear friend. Then the Grandiose Tree shuddered. The tree quaked from its very tips and leaves, throughout its stout limbs, down its massive trunk to its very roots beneath the ground. A low rumble then rolled throughout the forest.
"Fear not my dear friend." Jesus said. "For from this day forward, none of the great Dogwoods children or grandchildren shall ever suffer the pain and anguish that you now feel."
Jesus stood and a tear fell from his cheek and landed upon an exposed root of the Dogwood Tree. Jesus smiled at his old friend, turned and walked away.
The Great Dogwoods children and grandchildren are now the lovely, delicate in size, twisted and gnarled limbed tree that we now enjoy to this day. Never again did the Dogwood have to carry such a burden.
And now. . . Every spring, around Easter the Dogwood blooms beautifully. Each blossom has four pedals that form the shape of a cross. . .In honor of the one who eased The Great Dogwoods pain.
Happy Easter!

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