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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Just Leaked! Climate Change. . . IS REAL

Just leaked. . . After years of intense study, the results of an ongoing secret investigation of the controversial question of "Climate Change", the results have been unofficially released!

The results of the afore mentioned study vary from region to region but it doesn't matter the event is nonetheless a true phenomenon.

Specifically in my home town region of the globe it has been documented for years, the effects and changes the planet has been going through.

OK Get ready for the most damning piece of news this study has revealed. They have broken down and named the the four distinct climate change events that we have suffered at our own hands for years.
They are:

Spring. . .

Summer. . .

Fall. .


Can you believe it? We are all doomed!!! But don't answer yet there is more!

Coming soon to a youtube channel near you the full report of this amazing tragedy will be exposed!

And please if you have any information about this wreckless abandoment of the human spirit please let us know!

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  1. Thanks Ed ---Only been to Washington once. Last year took a cruise to Alaska from Seattle. Beautiful state. Love to see more and sure be great to hunt and fish some there. Help them work out their liberal leanings out there. We all got to work together to stop the socialist takeover of our great country.