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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Stimulating the Census

Just the other day I received a letter telling me that I would soon be receiving a Census form in the mail. Now my first reflexive response was, "Well how many millions of stimulus dollars did this cost"? Now we have all seen this kind of mindless wasteful spending before and we will continue to see it I'm sure. So as you might imagine, as the words were leaving my lips I realized that the answer to my question was completely irrelevant. Because if you have to ask, the cost is to high!
So I have more questions. . . Who's running this Census? Is it ACORN? Or the Organizer in Chief Himself? Is it the "Government"? There's a trustworthy lot. Whatever the answer, I now find myself with only two options concerning the Census. . . It is said by law that we must fill out the census to the best of our ability. OK good!
Here are the two options that I see. First, When I do receive my Census (delivered on the tax payers backs) I will deposit directly into the trash. Or, I will state how many people live at my house and in the Race question box, (which there are several choices) I will mark the other
box and in the space provided in big bold Capitol letters I will write AMERICAN. Then I will send it in.
has common sense become an obscure ancient theory or misunderstood philosophy rather than an everyday practice that helps us have a better day?

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