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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

When Huntin was Huntin

Today, March 9th is my father-in-laws 86th Birthday. His name is Buck Bailey. Now with a name like that I'm sure these photos do not surprise anyone. At 81 he went out on opening morning with his pride and joy, His grandson Travis. It was just the two of them and from what I heard of the trip it was one of the most successful trips in their long hunting history.

Ole Bailey shot a nice buck that morning as well.
That morning had turned out to be Bucks last hunting trip as he doesn't get around like he once did. This trip was physically taxing on him (something that he only admitted to later).
Even though he no longer hunts, his stories are as vivid and clear as any HDTV out there. And. . . even though I have, we all have heard his stories a hundred times I have to believe they are all true. One because I was there for a few of them, and two the stories never alter, they are the same every time they are told.
Happy Birthday Mr. Bailey and here is to many more years of stories of when "Huntin was Huntin."

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  1. Eddie: This is a great way to update myself with the family. It is really beautiful what you are creating,congradulations!! Love To All Goyo